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When Accuracy Counts

Henderson and Associates professional and reliable service has been serving mortgage lenders, attorneys, municipalities and private individuals since 1987. Our firm possesses the expertise required for meeting the challenges of real estate valuation in today’s ever changing market. A collaborative approach to valuation problems and understanding of market trends puts Henderson and Associates at the leading edge of real estate valuation. Our approach also allows our clients to benefit from the total experience of our staff to maintain the quality reporting our customers demand.

As past real estate lenders and agents our staff understands lending requirements which aides in providing the quality information necessary for making informed financial decisions.

The staff at Henderson and Associates holds valuable expertise for evaluating commercial and residential properties regardless of a properties current life cycle.

Contact us today with all your Real Estate valuation questions.

Appraisal Institute Weekly Update

  • Appraisal Institute Encourages Graduates to Consider the Valuation Profession June 17, 2021
    The Appraisal Institute, the nation’s largest professional association of real estate appraisers, is seeking new faces and encourages recent graduates to consider a career in the valuation profession.
  • LREAB, FTC Settle Appraisal Services Price Fixing Charges June 16, 2021
    The Federal Trade Commission announced June 11 that the Louisiana Real Estate Appraisers Board will stop setting compensation levels for residential real estate appraisal services within the state, which the FTC alleged is a violation of federal antitrust law. The proposed settlement prevents the LR […]
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Daily RE News

Current Market Trends

The Water Follies were sorely missed last year but until they return click the hydro to see current residential market data.


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