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When Accuracy Counts

Henderson and Associates professional and reliable service has been serving mortgage lenders, attorneys, municipalities and private individuals since 1987. Our firm possesses the expertise required for meeting the challenges of today’s high technology real estate market. A collaborative approach to valuation problems and understanding of market trends puts Henderson and Associates at the leading edge of real estate valuation. Our approach also allows our clients to benefit from the total experience of our staff to maintain the quality reporting our customers demand.

As past real estate lenders and agents our staff understands lending requirements which aides in providing high quality data to help our clients make informed financial decisions.

The staff at Henderson and Associates holds valuable expertise for evaluating commercial and residential properties regardless of a properties current life cycle.

Contact us today with all your Real Estate valuation questions.

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  • Should Property Data Collectors Be Licensed? February 29, 2024
    Should “property data collectors” who inspect properties and provide information to real estate appraisers be licensed by state appraiser boards? In Mississippi, a bill has been introduced this week to require exactly that. The legislator behind the bill happens to be an appraiser. HB1663 would establish a license category for property data collectors under […]
    Peter Christensen
  • Recap of the 4th ASC Appraisal Bias Hearing February 28, 2024
    On February 13th, 2024, the fourth ASC appraisal bias hearing took place. For those who were unable to attend, the video of the hearing has been included below. The hearing was a crucial event for the appraisal industry, and it is important for all appraisers to be aware of the discussions and topics addressed. The panel of witnesses included: David Bunton, […]
  • It’s Just Responsible Journalism! February 21, 2024
    Not reporting complete and accurate information is nothing more than irresponsible journalism!  The local television station WWBT, NBC 12 in the Richmond market is airing a story on Thursday February 22 during the 6 pm News Broadcast, about racial bias in real estate appraisals. We know this is not a new topic and previous stories that have aired have been e […]
    VaCAP Board

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