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When Accuracy Counts

Henderson and Associates professional and reliable service has been serving mortgage lenders, attorneys, municipalities and private individuals since 1987. Our firm possesses the expertise required for meeting the challenges of today’s high technology real estate market. A collaborative approach to valuation problems and understanding of market trends puts Henderson and Associates at the leading edge of real estate valuation. Our approach also allows our clients to benefit from the total experience of our staff to maintain the quality reporting our customers demand.

As past real estate lenders and agents our staff understands lending requirements which aides in providing high quality data to help our clients make informed financial decisions.

The staff at Henderson and Associates holds valuable expertise for evaluating commercial and residential properties regardless of a properties current life cycle.

Contact us today with all your Real Estate valuation questions.

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  • Fannie Mae to Maryland: DROP DEAD April 19, 2024
    Mortgage giant Fannie Mae and her twin, Freddie Mac, have a message for the State of Maryland: Kindly disintegrate. A snubbed Maryland task force is close to filing its report to the governor. It attempted, in vain, to obtain detailed information about the government-sponsored twins’ valuation algorithms – tools that have replaced many home appraisals in the […]
    Jeremy Bagott
  • The One-Mile Rule: Prudent Policy or Modern Day Redlining? April 18, 2024
    …whether through redlined maps or implicit “one-mile rule,” the result can be undervalued properties in historically marginalized neighborhoods.  Throughout the history of mortgage banking and lending in the United States, underwriting policies have significantly influenced the appraisal process for home purchases and refinances. Appraisers must follow under […]
    Guest Author
  • UWM Underwriters Subsidized by Appraisers April 16, 2024
    The $29 fee also happens to nearly match the average hourly base salary of $29 for UWM underwriters.  United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM) began an aggressive campaign in September 2021 to recruit appraisers for their new Appraisal Direct system, which aimed to cut out appraisal management companies as middlemen. Through repeated emails, they urged appraisers – b […]

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